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Since 2008, we have been helping many companies, just like yours, expand sales into overseas markets. Nothing gets us more excited than seeing our clients' products find new markets overseas.


We get to know our clients, their products, and their goals in exporting. We then set set out to create the right strategy, find the right potential target markets, and discuss the right tactics to open markets overseas. If your company is interested in exporting, we know we can help find the right, and affordable, solution.

We specialize in sales to automotive, food processing, industrial, construction, and mining industries and have sold many US products into overseas markets including Russia, Croatia, Italy, Estonia, Lebanon, Panama, Costa Rica, and Chile to name a few. We work on your behalf to market your products, find the right distributor in the target countries, help negotiate payment terms, and manage the shipping and export process.


Marijan Juric, owner of InterBridge Consulting, has extensive overseas marketing and business development experience. His career started with The Coca-Cola Company in Eastern Europe and has progressed in a variety of senior marketing and sales positions in large international companies such as LexisNexis and Maritz, Inc. He is driven to help clients achieve their export goals and help small and midsize US companies compete in the world markets.


We believe small & midsize companies can successfully compete in any global market. 

We understand that even though many small and midsize companies  want to grow export sales, they either do not know how or cannot invest the time or money to start a new international sales department from scratch.  

This is where InterBridge Consulting comes in.


We can help you market your products in front of a global audience, find the right distributor, negotiate fair terms, and research and manage all the the freight and export requirements for each country. 

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